New Life in Christ Baptist Church
Where Everyone is Someone and Jesus is Everything!

New Life in Christ
Baptist Church
Lusk, Wyoming

Where everyone is someone and



"And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ." - Acts 5:42

Church Ministries

Sunday Morning Children's Outreach - our Bible teachers are as concerned for America's children.  They make the Bible come alive for our 3 years - 5th graders through the use of singing, teaching and crafts.  We also have a middle and high school class for 6th - 12 graders as we challenge them in their spiritual walk with God.  Our heart's desire is to reach out into our community of the unchurched children and reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sundays at 9:00AM.

Weekly Church service - the Bible, God's Word, is our textbook.  We believe that sound, biblical teaching is the "glue" that holds our lives, our families, and our church together. Without the teaching of the Word of God it would be nearly impossible to keep our lives on the right path.  We have family worship which means that all the family parents and children are in the service to worship together.  We do not have a children's church program we desire children to catch their parent's love and worship of God.

Prison - we desire to see the inmates come to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and have their lives changed through the power of the Spirit.  We have a team that goes in on a weekly basis and conducts a Bible study on different topics.  Our pastor also goes in weekly and counsels with some of the inmates and we have a group within the church that goes in quarterly with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry.

Nursing Home - growth can come at any age and we desire to share the Word with all.  Weekly we meet with a handful of residents in two different facilities and teach the Bible to help them along the final leg of their journey before they go home to be with the Lord.

Missionaries - worldwide evangelization is close to the heart of New Life in Christ, presently supporting 15 missionaries in 15 different locations and several countries of the world. The highlight of our missions year is our annual Faith Promise Mission Conference held in the fall.